Micro Learning?

What is Micro Learning?

Micro Learning is a holistic approach for skill-based learning/education which deals with relatively small learning units. It involves short-term-focused strategies specially designed for improved understanding/learning/education. 

However, in our view, the preceding "academic definition" does not capture the essence of learning in an attention deficit world!

What are some Micro Learning factors?

Clock1Time—attention spans are shorter because we are constantly multi-tasking.

GlassesSearchsearch and communicate; search & communicatethis is how knowledge workers spend their days!

BricksCoverageneed “byte” size chunks & the big pictures as well, but at different times.

What is a Concept Short?

 A “Concept Short” is a learning module that lasts approximately 15 minutes. It deals with an important component of an integrated whole. For example, Uses & Disclosures (U&D) is an important concept with the Privacy Rule. Likewise, Administrative Safeguards are an important concept within the Security Rule.

What is a Micro Short?

 A “Micro Short” is a learning module that lasts approximately 5 minutes or less. It deals with an important idea within a concept. For example, Authorizations are an important idea with the U&D concept. Micro shorts expand on a Concept Short in more granular “byte” size chunks. It generally allows for exploring more use cases.

Why is search so powerful?

GlassesHumans have a primal fear of being lost. The ability to venture forth & find our way back has been essential to our survival for millions of years. The sense of panic that envelopes us when our innate navigation system fails is palpable. Search is by far the most important activity that knowledge workers engage in—followed closely by communication. We need to be able to find, assimilate and communicate quickly & accurately in order to function (survive) in a knowledge-driven world.

Therefore, in order for Micro Learning to be effective not only are "byte" sized chunks mandatory in a large number of instances, the content's "ambient findability" must be high as well.


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