Our training products help you get your staff up to speed quickly and effectively. There is simply nothing more mission-critical than getting you and your staff adequately trained with respect to any regulatory requirements. In 2018 we introduced our Micro-Learning training with Concept Shorts which consists of training modules based on various content topics lasting about 15 minutes. We have also introduced Micro Shorts which are training for specific topics that can be covered in about 5 minutes. Each  Short is contained in our Subscription, subdivided by their respective regime (e.g. CPRA, HIPAA Privacy Rule, HIPAA Security Rule, HIPAA Breach Notification Rule, 42 CFR Part2, etc.)

For example, relying on the "HIPAA feel good" training Covered Entities historically engaged in no longer suffices. All relevant stakeholders including, but not limited to, the executive management team,  counsel, compliance officers, clinicians, administrative staff, and health information technologists need to understand, and become well-grounded in, HIPAA regulatory fundamentals that are pertinent to their job role. The same is true for every regulatory regime that your organization must contend with.

Our Micro-Learning strategy makes our training content more readily accessible to the professionals that require it, targeted for a much more narrow audience where required. The list below is not exhaustive. All training is available within Expresso ® in the Compliance Repository, which is a cloud file browser (e.g., think Windows' File Explore, or Mac's File Finder) that provides access to all products with our Subscription, and also allows to maintain "a single version of the truth" pursuant to compliance initiative(s) (e.g., risk assessments, policies, processes, contracts, vendor questionnaires, etc.). We provide an initial taxonomy but you are free to change it to suit your needs.

  • HIPAA Training
  • CPRA Training
  • 42 CFR Part2 Training

Our training library continues to grow with well over 70 modules in the current Subscription. Training is obviously essential for any organization that is attempting to create a Mature Compliance Program.