Stuck on Stupid Webinar

Title: Stuck on Stupid: How to Eliminate 95% of HIPAA Liability while being less than Thirty Percent (30%) Compliant.

Description: This webinar focuses on providing the C-Suite and compliance officers a strategy for eliminating a significant part of HIPAA liability despite the fact that your organization may be less than 30% compliant. All organizations, both large and small, must make strategic decisions as to what to attack first with limited compliance budgets and staff.

Far too many healthcare organizations have remained in "analysis/paralysis" mode, overwhelmed and not knowing how to proceed. This is true despite the fact that organizations have spent money on "solutions" that purportedly make HIPAA compliance easy. To be clear, there are no compliance solutions that make compliance with HIPAA easy, some do an effective job of making it easier, but using the term "easy" is marketing malpractice.

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