The Requestor & its Analytical Reporting Engine

The Requestor is an analytical reporting engine in Expresso ® to document requests (e.g. PHI: Access, Restrictions, Amendments, Disclosures, and others) ("Requests"),  from patients. It is also the place where patient encounter documentation is entered. Generally, the name of the requester, the date the request was received, who in your organization was assigned to fulfill the Request, and what specifically was requested. The Requestor also has an analytical reporting feature where reports can be run by Regime and type of Request, Patient, Assigned workforce member, etc. When reporting on requests, fields can be left blank, for example, you can run a report for all Requests for Access, regardless of who requested them or to whom they were assigned. Counsel and your Compliance Officer should frequently run reports to ensure that dates are not missed, patients do not file complaints to OCR, etc.

The Requestor enables a provider to track each step of the patient request encounter, including handoffs between team members and communications with patients, etc., with the rigor necessary to provide an evidentiary record. The Requestor, or something like it, is necessary but not sufficient; staff must be trained to document, near real-time, all patient encounters with the information specified by counsel or the compliance officer. The evidentiary value of the patient encounter diminishes with time.

Expresso’s Requestor Data Entry



Analytical Reports in the Requestor


Requestor’s value should be self-evident. It helps Compliance Officers and/or Counsel anticipate missed dates and other process issues likely to trigger liability. Requestor’s analytical reports can identify missed dates repeatedly caused by a business associate’s failure to deliver on time, workforce who consistently fail to timely meet deliverables, establishes material facts showing that a patient caused the missed date, and finally, provides information enabling improvements to process efficiency and effectiveness.

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