As a HIPPA Survival Guide™ Subscriber, we offer you this FREE (optional) check-up of your technical platform to help you assess how secure your network is and what steps can be taken so that you can ensure the security and privacy of your PHI.

Pulse is delivered by our managed services partner TecFac. TecFac's  HIPAA Certified Professionals have expertise in both the regulations and the technologies/processes required by the Security Rule to be compliant.

TecFac describes its mission as follows:

TechFac's mission is to facilitate technology implementation. We have a reputation for understanding the needs of business, excelling in customer service, and providing solutions in a practical, user-friendly manner. We believe these attributes, combined with our technical knowledge and decades of experience working with small businesses make us a valuable technology partner. Further, our knowledge of the HIPAA regulations combined with ready access to a nationally renowned HIPAA expert uniquely positions us to deliver the people, process and platform necessary to cost effectively help you remediate compliance gaps—should you select TecFac as your remediation partner.

TecFac starts Pulse™ with a kick off call on which they will need the following:

  • Access to a PC on your network
  • Your network’s domain name
  • The administrative password for your PC environment
  • The IP address range and subnets of your network
  • A census of your users at the location
  • An inventory of your “Devices” at the location



TecFac will then work with you to install their network monitoring software and begin scanning your network for several days. Upon completion of the scan, TecFac will remove its software, compile a report, and schedule a time to review their findings with you.

The Pulse report will include such information as:

  • How secure your password policies are?
  • How current and are your operating systems and software?
  • How current are your security patches?
  • What security holes potentially exist on your desktops.
  • What desktops are not discoverable.
  • What rogue devices may be on your network.

TecFac will also provide suggestions as to how to remediate these vulnerabilities to help you reduce the risk of a breach and ensure HIPAA compliance of your network.

The Pulse team at TecFac looks forward to working with you as you build a more secure and compliant network and take the steps necessary in order to prevent WannaCry attacks and similar ransomware.



As a Healthcare Technology vendor we found ourselves with little direction attempting to learn and comply with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. The overhead of learning and implementing needed policies and procedures was so detrimental to our internal efficiency and service delivery that we had to discontinue service for a major share of our client base just to concentrate on HIPAA regulations. We have since found the HIPAA Survival Guide and signed up for their Subscription Plan. With the help and guidance provided by HSG, we have now returned our focus to what we do best. In the past 6 months our company has increased knowledge, literature, and direction as well as record revenue by 421%. Thank You HSG, we couldn’t have done it without you!” -Wiles Tech See More Testimonials...