Model Mobile Policy

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This Model Mobile Policy (“Policy”) reflects best practices for dealing with the compliance challenges presented by mobile devices (phones, pad, laptops, etc.). The next few years are going continue to be full of headlines in healthcare journals on the explosion of Mobile Device usage among clinical professionals and the role that these devices continue to play in major PHI data breaches. This Policy is one of a number of policies included in our Cloud, Social Media, and Mobile Checklist as discussed below.

This MMP was derived from our Cloud, Social Media, and Mobile Checklist (“CSMM”) which is sold separately. The objectives of our CSMM are to explain cloud, social media and mobile HITECH/HIPAA compliance issues in simple terms, and provide you with model policies (including this one), processes, and tracking mechanisms that help you comply with these emerging challenges. Our CSMM helps you put workable policies and procedures in place that conform to the HITECH Act and HIPAA regulations, as best as practicable for your organization.



As a Healthcare Technology vendor we found ourselves with little direction attempting to learn and comply with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. The overhead of learning and implementing needed policies and procedures was so detrimental to our internal efficiency and service delivery that we had to discontinue service for a major share of our client base just to concentrate on HIPAA regulations. We have since found the HIPAA Survival Guide and signed up for their Subscription Plan. With the help and guidance provided by HSG, we have now returned our focus to what we do best. In the past 6 months our company has increased knowledge, literature, and direction as well as record revenue by 421%. Thank You HSG, we couldn’t have done it without you!” -Wiles Tech    See More Testimonials...