Privacy Rule Training for Clinicians

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HIPAA Privacy Rule Training for Clinicians – provides a practical session on regulations of the HIPAA Privacy Rule with issues that Clinicians will need to know for compliance. Not only is this training available as a stand-alone product, but it is also included in the Privacy Rule Pro Training Package

This training was specially prepared for clinicians versus our General Privacy Rule Training Module that discusses the regulatory basis for all Privacy Rule controls. It provides clinicians with a high-level overview of the HIPAA Privacy Rule without diving deep into the regulations. It also contains a section of practical exercises and discussion about questions in the exercises describing why certain answers were appropriate based on the HIPAA Security Rule.

The Agenda for this training is shown below:








PACKAGE CONTENTS: You get a training video, presentation, and a Security Rule Quiz (and answer key) that can be used to verify Security Rule Training class attendance within your organization. The training video is well suited for group and/or individual training. In addition, the training material contains practical Q&A exercises to enhance the educational experience.