Omnibus Rule Training Module

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Omnibus Rule Ready

HIPAA Omnibus Rule Training – Our HIPAA Omnibus Rule Training Module gets you up to speed on how the Omnibus Rule has impacted the HIPAA Rules including changes to: 1) the HIPAA Enforcement Rule; 2) the HIPAA Security Rule; 3) the HIPAA Privacy Rule; and 4) the Breach Notification Rule.

We walk you through the changing relationship between Business Associates and Covered Entities and how the HITECH Act, and the Omnibus Rule, is having a transformative effect on on the ways in which these parties will work together going forward. We summarize over 500 pages of the Omnibus Rule on a rule-by-rule basis so the modification can be digested in manageable "news you can use" components.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: You get a training video, presentation, and an Omnibus Rule Under HITECH Quiz (with answer key) that can be used to verify your Omnibus Training class attendance within your organization. The training video is well suited for group and/or individual training. In addition, the training material contains live links to the full text of the statute and regulations in order to enhance the educational experience. 

QUICK and EASY CUSTOMIZATION – You could spend thousands of dollars developing training in house or pay consultants more to do the same. This Omnibus Rule Training Module provides your organization with our files in native format so that you can customize the training to your organizational requirements or use it as is right out-of-the-box. 

REUSE IT – Reuse our training materials over and over as you add new members to your workforce.


As a Healthcare Technology vendor we found ourselves with little direction attempting to learn and comply with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. The overhead of learning and implementing needed policies and procedures was so detrimental to our internal efficiency and service delivery that we had to discontinue service for a major share of our client base just to concentrate on HIPAA regulations. We have since found the HIPAA Survival Guide and signed up for their Subscription Plan. With the help and guidance provided by HSG, we have now returned our focus to what we do best. In the past 6 months our company has increased knowledge, literature, and direction as well as record revenue by 421%. Thank You HSG, we couldn’t have done it without you!” -Wiles Tech See More Testimonials...