Cloud, Social Media & Mobile Checklist

Our Cloud, Social Media & Mobile ("CSMM") Checklist provides complete coverage of this subject matter. There is no need to guess as to how OCR may audit your CSMM implementation. If you meet the requirements in our Checklist then you can rest assured that your organization has in place the visible, demonstrable evidence required to make a good faith argument of CSMM compliance.

Cloud, Social Media and Mobile Checklist

Our HIPAA Cloud, Social Media & Mobile (“Checklist”) is intended to deliver guidance, including suggested policies, processes, and tracking mechanisms that will allow you to make sense out of this new terrain. It is intended as a knowledge transfer vehicle that allows you to derive the HIPAA compliance solution that works best within your organization. Our Checklist will “walk you through” the relevant statutory/regulatory sections of the HIPAA Rules that apply to this subject matter, highlighting the policies, processes and tracking mechanisms required at a granular level. Our Checklist covers a comprehensive look at these topics