HIPAA Security Rule Audit Preparation Training Module

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HIPAA Security Rule Audit Preparation Training – Our HIPAA Security Rule Audit Preparation Training Module gets you up to speed on how to prepare for an HHS Security Rule audit by focusing on the seventy eight (78) requirements that HHS has published in its Security Rule Audit Protocol. 

We walk you through how to eliminate the guess work when preparing for an HHS Security Rule audit. This training module provides comprehensive coverage regarding what HHS will require you to address should it launch a HIPAA Security Rule audit of your organization. This is a detailed requirement-by-requirement review of the Security Rule's implementation specifications presented in a manner that you can execute on immediately.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: You get a three training videos (approximately four hours of training), presentations, tools and a HIPAA Security Rule Audit Preparation Quiz (with answer key) that can be used to verify your HIPAA Security Rule Audit training class attendance within your organization. The training video is well suited for privacy officers, security officers and the executive management team (i.e. those likely to be in the "hot seat" during an audit). Will also include HHS' audit protocol as an Excel spreadsheet.




Document Index



This document. It contains an index to all other documents in this Product.

HIPAA Security Rule Audit Training Slides




20150115_HIPAA_SR_AS_Audit_Prep_v1 (ppt, pdf)

20150115_HIPAA_SR_TS_PS_Audit_Prep_v1 (ppt, pdf)

The HIPAA Security Rule Audit training presentations which are the basis for the training videos and which contains all the information required to answer the questions in the Quiz. There is a separate file for the Administrative Safeguards (“AS”) in their entirety and a combination file for the Technical Safeguards (“TS”) and Physical Safeguards respectively.

HIPAA Security Rule Audit Quiz Questions


HIPAA_SR_Audit_Training_Quiz (Ms Word, pdf)

This document contains the questions to the HIPAA Security Rule Audit  Quiz that can be used to verify class attendance if the organization chooses to do so.

Answer Key for the Quiz


HIPAA_SR_Audit_Training_Quiz_Answer_Key (Ms Word, pdf)

Answers to the Quiz to be used as a grading tool.

HIPAA Security Rule Audit Training Videos






20150115_SR_Audit_First_Video_v1 (mp4)

20150115_SR_Audit_Second_Video_v1 (mp4)

20150115_SR_Audit_Third_Video_v1 (mp4)

The HIPAA Security Rule Audit training videos can be used as an internal training class either for groups or individuals. The videos contain the following content:

First Video: Administrative Safeguards Standard one ( a little over 2 hours of training).

Second Video: Remaining Administrative Safeguards standards (nearly 1 hour of training).

Third Video: the Technical & Physical Safeguards standards (a little over 1 hour of training).

 Security Objects Inventory



Spreadsheet to track Assets, Individuals and Operations.

 Security Objects Inventory Model Practice



Spreadsheet that track Assets, Individuals and Operations for the Model Practice.

Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risks



Spreadsheet that tracks Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risks to be used as part of the Risk Assessment process.

Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risks Model Practice



Spreadsheet that tracks Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risks for the Model Practice.

Security Rule Controls Matrix



Matrix/Cross Reference between Security Controls your organization may already have in place and Security Rule requirements.

HHS Omnibus Rule Summary



Our detained summary of the HHS Omnibus Rule modifications.

HHS Audit Protocol


Audit_Protocol_CSV_Thu_Dec_18_2014_11_19_27 (xls, csv).

HHS Audit Protocol as published on its website.

QUICK and EASY CUSTOMIZATION – You could spend thousands of dollars developing audit preparation training in house or pay consultants more to do the same. Our HIPAA Security Rule Audit Preparation Module provides your organization with our files in native format so that you can customize your audit preparation training to your organizational requirements or use it as is right out-of-the-box. 

REUSE IT – Reuse our training materials over and over as you add new members to your workforce.   



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