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HIPAA Audit Preparation Training Suite
     Our HIPAA Audit Preparation Training Module gets you up to speed on how to prepare for an HHS audit by focusing on the 169 requirements that HHS has published in its Audit Protocol. HHS' 169 requirements span the following HIPAA Rules: 1) the HIPAA Security Rule; 2) the HIPAA Privacy Rule; and 3) the Breach Notification Rule.
     We walk you through how to eliminate the guess work when preparing for an HHS audit. This training module provides comprehensive coverage regarding what HHS will require you to address should it launch a HIPAA audit of your organization. It also provides a methodology for addressing the "big picture" questions that may provoke the "deer in the headlights" look for the unprepared. 

This package includes the following Audit Preparation Training Modules:
  1. Audit Preparation Training Over View
  2. Security Rule Audit Preparation Training
  3. Privacy Rule Audit Preparation Training
  4. Breach Notification Audit Preparation Training
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ACO Regulations Training Module
       ACO regulations are inherently complex. ACOs require a complete understanding of these regulations  because the Medicare Shared Savings Program regulations determine how an ACO gets paid. This training is divided into three sections to make it easier to understand. Session One is all about eligibility and the application process. Session Two discusses the regulatory basis for quality performance standards and Session Three covers pay for performance and revenue tracks.
Our ACO training is essential for organizational accountability and a provides a method of tracking education for existing staff as well as new hires. Our training program comes with the downloadable digital video/audio files and an ACO Regulations Quiz and Answer Key.
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Model Notice of Privacy Practices Privacy Rule Training Cloud, Social Media and Mobile Checklist
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HIPAA Survival Guide 4th Edition Mobile Devices Training  
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