HIPAA Certification Training

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Omnibus Rule Ready

Our new HIPAA Certification Program provides individuals with the ability to become a HIPAA Certified Professional ("HCP"). The program gets you up to speed on the changes that have transformed HIPAA from a paper tiger into legislation with real teeth. You get 15 training videos, presentations ("Courses"), and an examination. All of which are used to certify individuals as HCPs. The Courses contain live links to the full text of the statute and regulations in order to enhance your educational experience

HCP Courses cover the breadth and depth of the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules ("Rules"). Upon successful completion of our certification exam ("Exam"), individuals will achieve the HCP designation, but only (obviously) if they earn it through a passing grade (no participation only rewards here). To become certified, a passing score of 70% is required. 

The Exam covers 250 questions across the core areas below. These Courses are all included in our HCP, but we also include the ability to track what courses have been taken and completed by which individuals in your organization.


Certification Training Modules

1.    Breach Notification

2.    Business Associate

3.    Audit

4.    Breach Notification Audit

5.    Privacy Rule Audit

6.    Security Rule Audit

7.    Documentation* 

8.    HITECH Act

9.    Omnibus Rule

10.  Privacy Rule

11.  Security Rule

12.  Risk Assessment

13.  Risk Management

14.  Social Media

15.  Mobile



Note: The Documentation Training is only sold as part of our HCP and as part of our Subscription Plan. It is not sold as an individual product.

Our HCP may be purchased as a stand-alone product or as part of our Subscription Plan.

HIPAA_3_Legged_StoolIf the HCP is purchased as a Stand-alone Product, clients can administer the Exam for up to 25 individuals within their organization. 3Lions Publishing/HIPAA Survival Guide will grade the exams and issue certificates for individuals with no additional administrative fee.

If  the HCP is purchased as part of the Subscription Plan, the customer’s Privacy or Security Officer (or other designated individual) will grade the Exam and issue a certificate of completion with a passing grade. There are no restrictions on the number of individuals who may become certified.

If an organization that is part of our Subscription Plan desires us to provide certification to individuals in their organization, we will charge a minimal administrative fee (TBD).

Over the last seven years we have taught the consuming public the Rules by the thousands. We have done so for FREE through our newsletters, videos, and webinars. All of that training found its way into our training products and NOW finds its way into our HCP. We believe that 3Lions delivers the most comprehensive, fundamentally sound, and detailed HIPAA training available.

Our innovative agile methodology has introduced the "compliance continuum," "visible, demonstrable, evidence," the "compliance equation" and so much more into the HIPAA lexicon. Carlos Leyva is a nationally recognized authority on HIPAA. His monthly FREE webinars have become the go to place to get the latest on HIPAA and, of course, the teaching that Carlos Leyva delivers like no one else can.

REUSE IT – You can reuse training materials over and over as you add new members to your workforce.