Expresso ® Browser & Repository

ExpressoRExpresso's® Browser & Repository (aka DOCS) provides online access to all HIPAA Survival Guide products and a personal, encrypted, Compliance Repository. “How To” videos are located on the Expresso ® page BUT no longer available on Customer Hub (the latter is being deprecated because DOCS replaces it). The Expresso® Repository in DOCS serves a dual role: (1) it contains your single version of the truth pursuant to your CyberCompliance program; and (2) it is a place where you can download all our products. User Manuals are also located in the Expresso ® Help System and in DOCS. To access to Help online, click the question mark Icon at the top right of your screen or view Videos and obtain User guides in DOCS..

Only Admin users can add or modify documents and folders in DOCS. Other users may create their own folders as "staging areas" for Admin review. All users can download products from the Products folder. Space in DOCS is limited to approximately fifteen (15) GB without an additional fee. Depending on the size of your Compliance Repository, an additional fee will be assessed. Documents may be dragged and dropped from one Compliance Repository folder to another. Just click on the file and drag it to the desired location.



If (not when) you are audited because of a Breach, or because your business partner wants to vet your CyberCompliance program, or for some other reason; you can readily answer most questions from what you have uploaded to DOCS. You will have your training results, policies and procedures, risk assessments, and more, all at your fingertip.

Because all Expresso ® Users can download our training, you can use the repository to distribute mandatory training to all workforce members.