Customer Testimonials

Here's what customers are saying about Expresso Risk Assessment software and our other products:



Expresso was designed by Lawyers knowledgeable in HIPAA Regulations, which gives me confidence as we develop our HIPAA compliance repository. Their ability to collect and translate HIPAA Security Rule implement specifications into Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risks enables Expresso users to have the tools to get an onerous, difficult job done. Even more important was the option for our company to retain Carlos Leyva (or DBLG) as our legal counsel and guide as we move along on our HIPAA compliance journey. - HIPAA Survival Guide Customer and Business Associate


Before using Expresso and the HIPAA Survival Guide products, I was unfamiliar with the extent of compliance regulations. I feel I received a 'college education' in Regulatory Compliance by watching videos, reading the documentation, and attending monthly webinars that are educational. Webinars provided by 3Lions are outstanding!

Expresso’s documentation was easy to read so that I could report my progress right away. For me, that is worth a lot. Customer service is essential in my book, and 'Expresso Customer Support is excellent!' With the SRA tool, you are on your own, wondering where to start.

Expresso and the HIPAA Survival Guide’s products are a complete deal – the whole package. The alternative comes in bits and pieces of information in various online locations that you must search to find.  I was amazed and very pleased to find training documenting and videos, as well as mitigation tools in one place and were easy to use.

If you want to learn, it’s there… the whole package - from Risk Assessment to Risk Mitigation with educational steps along the way. I recommend Expresso and the HIPAA Survival Guide’s Risk Mitigation products to anyone.– Shirleen Sando – Privacy & Security Officer


With Expresso’s intuitive interface and reports, we know where we stand in the compliance continuum and will be able to update future assessments easily. Expresso customer support is at the “Top of the Game” with prompt response to our questions. The HIPAA Survival Guide Website also provides excellent additional support with its series of informative and educational webinars. - HIPAA Survival Guide Customer and IT Security Officer



I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the special attention you have given me when I have been confronted with a HIPAA compliance issue.  Each time I have sought assistance, I received an immediate response.  This level of customer service is higher than I have ever experienced, and the peace of mind that ensues from having professional guidance through this minefield of potential penalties is priceless.  I am a very satisfied customer, and feel that my subscription to the HIPAA Survival Guide is one of the best investments my agency has ever made.  Thank you for providing me with the tools and the support that will make the difference between having a good compliance story to tell, and foundering in the swamp of willful neglect. – Richard Lee Strauss, Insurance Agent


The HIPAA Survival Guide has helped educate us as to what we need to do. We are now well on the path to telling a better compliance story through the documentation and processes we have put in place. – Philip Moya – IT Manager SAKDC


As a Healthcare Technology vendor we found ourselves with little direction attempting to learn and comply with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. The overhead of learning and implementing needed policies and procedures was so detrimental to our internal efficiency and service delivery that we had to discontinue service for a major share of our client base just to concentrate on HIPAA regulations. We have since found the HIPAA Survival Guide and signed up for their Subscription Plan. With the help and guidance provided by HSG, we have now returned our focus to what we do best. In the past 6 months our company has increased knowledge, literature, and direction as well as record revenue by 421%. Thank You HSG, we couldn’t have done it without you! -Wiles Tech


HSG’s materials are great resources for anyone interested in HIPAA/HITECH compliance. They're excellent educational materials for those just starting out, and detailed enough to be tremendous assets to those who are actually implementing a program. HSG’s products are clear and practical, and provide unique insights and perspectives not easily found elsewhere. - Michael Walsh, MD Dallas, Texas


HIPAA Survival Guide is exactly what we were searching for.  It has all the documentation we need to create a culture of compliance at our company. - Ted Swanson, CEO/CFO; IT Solutions Consulting, Inc.


Undertaking the process of ensuring compliance under the Omnibus Rule has been very challenging. Fortunately, we found the HIPAA Survival Guide Subscription Plan when it was first published in March 2013.  This resource has proven to be the basis for our documentation, training, and implementation of all things pertaining to the Omnibus Rule.  I am confident we would not be where we are without this resource.  The written tools provided with the subscription in conjunction with the frequent webinars provide factual, to the point instructions and examples.  The information is understandable at all levels while not missing any details. I would recommend this product without hesitation. -Linda C. Maljovec, Executive Vice President& Compliance/Privacy Officer; The ROI Companies


I wanted to take the time and say “THANKS” for the HIPAA Survival Guide.  Like most practitioners, I had no idea that September 26 2013 meant we were no longer in compliance with new HIPAA regulations.  I also had no idea that practices like mine were being fined exorbitant fees for breach of these rules.  Not knowing where to start, I googled “HIPAA BUSINESS ASSOCIATES AGREEMENT” and found Carlos’ short YouTube video.  The next day I purchased the subscription to the Survival Guide and downloaded the training, model policies and procedures.  Now just 1 short week later, I am proud to say that we have gone from “no story” to showing our “visible demonstrative evidence” and creating our “culture of compliance”.  Thanks to Carlos, we are no longer in “willful neglect” of the HIPAA/HITECH rules and the OMNIBUS rule.  We are aware that full compliance will take months if not years to establish.  But I feel confident that the HSG will keep our feet to the fire as we become a more secure medical practice.  Thanks again. -Stephen Sisselman, D.O., F.A.C.P.; Sisselman Medical Group, PC