CPRA Products

  1. Expresso® 3.5 (our SaaS compliance software) now supports CPRA Risk Assessments and includes a module that captures consumer requests from cradle to grave (The Requestor). The Requestor contains an analytical reporting engine that creates the evidentiary record for each Request allowing counsel to effectively reduce liability. Expresso® 3.5 also includes a Business Partner Vetting module ("BPV") that supports contract monitoring while dramatically reducing costs. Finally, Expresso® 3.5 provides a Compliance Repository that allows counsel to maintain a "single version of the truth" for consumer Requests and for your entire CPRA initiative.
  2. Compliance Equation® Checklist for all regime requirements containing the elements to satisfy the equation (Policy + Processes + Tracking Mechanisms = Compliance) and reduce the cost of self-audits. In addition, our Checklist provides a second method for triangulating Gaps.
  3. CPRA Contract including terms and conditions for Partners (Contractors, Service Providers, and Third-Parties).
  4. Legal Training for counsel (CPRA Law) and training shorts (Concept shorts) for those members of the workforce that have no need for an in-depth legal understanding of the CPRA.
  5. Model Policies Privacy Policy, Sanction Policy, Contract Management Policy, etc.
  6. Scorecard which allows counsel to determine (near real-time) the status of their CPRA initiative.
  7. Partner Questionnaire used by counsel to vet Partners and works seamlessly with the BPV module in Expresso® 3.5.
  8. Jumpstart (professional services offering) which: (1) provides the vehicle for managing cross-functional enterprise change; (2) accelerates your Data Mapping effort while dramatically reducing costs using a proven agile methodology; (3) provides a roadmap for the rest of your initiative using examples of consumer Request processes that cross organizational boundaries demonstrated using Swim Lane diagrams.