About Us

What is the HIPAA Survival Guide?

The HIPAA Survival Guide is a combination of FREE and paid for offerings that allow our customers to quickly and effectively climb the HIPAA/GDPR learning curves. We enable compliance solutions.


Why buy our HIPAA/GDPR products?

  • Launch your compliance initiative with the trusted advice of industry thought leaders.
  • Much more than mere templates, our products quickly enable you to provide visible, demonstrable evidence of compliance.
  • Dramatically reduce your HIPAA/GDPR learning curve with our proven visual training tools.
  • Context sensitive point-and-click access to the statutes and regulations. None of our competitors even come close.
  • Completely customizable, our products allow you to develop compliance solutions that fit your organization.
  • Sleep better. Avoid a finding of willful neglect.

What we do.

We help our clients simplify their lives by helping them take control of their HIPAA compliance initiatives. We provide products that reduce the byzantine array of compliance options down to a manageable few.

We sell cost effective compliance products that enable solutions. We help you assess. We help you educate. We help you implement.

We are passionate about helping clients reduce their dependence on costly compliance consulting services. Where these services are required, our products help you leverage the expertise by dramatically increasing your organization's foundational understanding of HIPAA/GDPR.

How we do it.

1. We combine years of legal, compliance, business and technology experience into world class products that you can trust.

2. We have a deep understanding of the compliance work flow and related policies, procedures and tracking mechanisms required to deliver visible, demonstrable evidence.

3. In addition to our specific product offerings, we offer an annual fixed fee subscription model where our customers get access to all our products, including all updates, and also get access to enhanced context sensitive training materials.