About Us

Who is 3Lions Publishing, Inc. ("3LP")? 3LP delivers a number of brands, via our Subscription which help stakeholders comply with their privacy and security initiatives. Our HIPAA Survival Guide ("HSG") was our flagship product, but we have now expanded into other regimes (e.g. CPRA Survival Guide).

We deliver Mature Compliance Program offerings allowing our customers to quickly and effectively climb the respective regime learning curves. We enable compliance solutions.


Over the last 12 years, 3LP has been a thought and innovation leader in the privacy and security space. We have introduced innovations such as the Compliance Equation®, the Compliance Stack®, and the NIST Universal Grammar™  (ÜG") (i.e., which allows Expresso® to support any compliance regime, without changing a line of code. Expresso®  operates on the UG; all regimes are treated as  Expresso® "load modules"