HIPAA Training Modules

Our HIPAA Training Modules provide comprehensive coverage of the HIPAA Rules. There is no need to guess as to what kind of training your organization needs—we provide it for you out-of-the-box. We also provide the means for you to modify our training if needed in order to meet specific organizational requirements.


Our HIPAA Training Modules (“Modules”) are intended to deliver a comprehensive HIPAA training curriculum for staff members across all levels of the organization. With over 15 training videos, and growing, our training products help you get your staff up to speed quickly and effectively. There is simply nothing more mission critical than getting you and your staff adequately trained with respect to the HIPAA regulatory requirements. The times have clearly changed for HIPAA Compliance initiatives. Therefore, relying on the “HIPAA feel good” training covered entities historically engaged in no longer suffices. All relevant stakeholders including, but not limited to, clinicians, administrative staff, health information technologists and compliance professionals need to understand, and become well-grounded in, HIPAA regulatory fundamentals.