Frequently Asked Questions

This document contains answers to frequently asked questions ("FAQ"). If you don't see an answer to your question in our FAQ, or you need further clarification, then Contact Us.

 Our yearly Subscription Plan/Service (“Service”) includes all products and any new products or product updates released during the subscription year. The initial cost for the HIPAA Subscription Plan is $1,295.95 with an annual renewal of $495.95 per year. Our Service represents a considerable value when compared to buying each individual product. Why? Because our Service is a comprehensive offering that includes content not found elsewhere as discussed below and is priced at a steep discount vis-à-vis purchasing individual products. Also, included in the Subscription Plan is LIVE assistance via online conference calls, questions, assistance, and education.

In addition to our products, Service is our vehicle for making available content that is only offered to subscribers. Examples include regulatory updates, best practices, HIPAA case law analysis and more “news you can use,” complete with insights and clarity unavailable elsewhere. Please review our archived newsletters to get a feel for what you can expect. You will also get more detailed information regarding how to use our proven Compliance Scorecards to help launch your compliance initiative. In short, in addition to products, our Service is built upon a robust methodology that helps you continue to meet your compliance objectives over time. It is designed to guide your compliance thinking and to give you the tools (including modifiable compliance policies, procedures, and tracking mechanisms) to begin executing your compliance initiative on day one.

All of the products listed below are included as part of our Service. 


We have broken down our products by the following categories:

  • Expresso® and GDPR Risk Products
  • Compliance Documentation
  • Model Policies
  • Checklists and Frameworks
  • Business Associate Documentation and Training
  • Training
  • Compliance Management
  • Audit Preparation
  • Tools and Other Resources

Many products contain tools and templates that assist your organization in meeting its compliance objectives. The tools and templates contained in each product are not enumerated herein, but rather are contained within the preview that pertains to the product itself. Look at Products on the HIPAA Survival Guide Store and click on a product of interest to learn more about it.