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360° of Differentiation: Trusted since 2009


Expresso - The Risk Assessment Express

Perform a NIST-based Risk Assessment in 3 hours or less... our competitors say it is snake oil and that it can't be done. Of course, that's what they would say...we can prove there's no snake oil...just good 'ole fashioned American ingenuity and disruptive innovation.




Jumpstart your HIPAA Initiative with our Subscription or Products.


No one knows Visible Demonstrable Evidence the way we do...we coined the term.

Our Subscription Plan is a 360-degree comprehensive, systematic, transformative, and coherent HIPAA analysis and remediation offering.

In addition to Expresso®, the Risk Assessment Express, our Subscription Plan comes bundled with dozens of products and the high-touch consultative services required to complete your Risk Assessment and Remediation initiatives.

It’s “Compliance in a Box” and what one of our customers aptly described as "an embarrassment of riches." Ours is an enterprise-ready offering at a price point accessible to the masses of healthcare providers and their business associates.

What We Do

1. We combine years of legal, compliance, business, and technology experience into world-class products that you can trust.

2. We have a deep understanding of the compliance workflow and related policies, procedures, and tracking mechanisms required to deliver visible demonstrable evidence.

3. In addition to our specific product offerings, we offer an annual fixed fee subscription model where our customers get access to all our products, including all updates, and also get access to enhanced context-sensitive training materials.

Who We Are

We have been thought leaders in the HIPAA compliance space for over a decade, having taught the regulations to thousands.

We developed the Compliance Equation®, the Compliance Stack® and Expresso® in order to support multiple compliance regimes with the same solution and methodology.

Our Compliance-in-a-Box approach is a compelling value proposition for healthcare providers and business associates of all sizes with a pricing model that’s the most transparent in the industry.