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AdobeStock_133571464Our Agile Compliance Methodology was developed and enhanced for the healthcare industry after 10 years of educating thousands of healthcare stakeholders on the HIPAA Rules.

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LgHCPOur course curriculum for becoming a HIPAA Certified Professional ("HCP") is comprised of over 15 courses that are included in the Subscription Plan or can be purchased separately. Thousands have received world-class HIPAA training using our products. 







 People, Process, Platform

In this new 24/7 365 digital universe that we all now inhabit, there are three principal challenges that must be addressed when launching any new compliance initiative: 1) the people challenge; 2) the process challenge, and 3) the platform challenge.


If any reader believes that the healthcare industry has not already been disrupted more in the last few years than it has in the previous fifty, with more disruption on the way, then you have simply been asleep at the wheel.

Compliance Strategies

It's important to know what won't work. Here are five compliance strategies that are guaranteed to fail: (1) ostrich; (2) our staff's on top of it; (3) members of our legal team are compliance experts; (4) not invented here; and (5) the docs know best.